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Data management is the practice of collecting, storing, maintaining and using data securely and efficiently. Data management is the backbone that connects all segments of the information lifecycle. The goal of data management is to help people and organizations optimize the use of data within the bounds of policy and regulation so that they can make decisions and take actions that maximize the benefit to the organization.

Quick delivery of accurate and reliable data means that you can make well informed decisions earlier in a trial or project. This also ensures reliable results.

Why Choose Us?

Our data management process is designed to deliver a discrepancy-free, valid and accurate data in compliance with regulatory standards, this is achieved using software applications that maintain an audit trail and provide easy identification of data disparities.

We handle procedures in Clinical Data Management including case report form (CRF) designing, CRF annotation, database designing, data entry, data validation, discrepancy management to assess the quality at regular intervals during a trial. We perform quality checks to ensure that all the data process is accurate and valid.

At Clinique Research, our actions are informed by the cleanest, most current data available — which means tracking changes and trends in real-time. We have a team of world-class experts including clinical research associates, data managers to process and analyze data to support a winning strategy.

Below is a deeper look at one of the best practices for helping your organization get ahead in making informed decisions.

Electronic data capture (EDC)

Electronic data capture systems have become important tools for data management in research.

EDC systems capture and manage clinical trial data on a digital platform to replace traditional paper-based data capture. This system not only allows one capture data securely but also expedites the research process and ensures data reusability. Most EDC systems are cloud-based, ensuring secure access from anywhere at anytime. This should help you to stay on your timelines and meet critical milestones.

Clinique Research have capabilities in all key systems including:

Veeva Vault CDMS™


Medidata for Rave™

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