Why Feasibility?

A good number of trials suffer due to inefficient site and investigator selection.

Clinique Research facilitates feasibility assessments by utilizing innovative tools, international strategic teams and information network in performing feasibility assessments.

Clinical trial feasibility evaluates the possibility of conducting a clinical trial in a certain area, specific medical centers/sites with an objective of optimum project completion in terms of targets, timelines and cost. This is a vital and unavoidable step in beginning any clinical trial.

Building foresight is imperative before investing in a project and this helps in early identification of challenges and possible solutions. Feasibility assessments help in building and determining most suitable options in moving forward with projects.

Why Choose Clinique Research to conduct you feasibility assessment?

  • Our feasibility analysis will help you identify the best site to conduct studies and source highly skilled investigators for your clinical trial.
  • We have a broad investigator database covering countries in West Africa and our well-established relationships with investigators puts us in a matchless position to recommend the sites best suited to run your trial.
  • Utilize our strong investigators database at Clinique Research to select the best investigators in more than 7 countries.

Key Attributes Of Our FeasibilityAssessments Include:

The project scope: Every feasibility assessment is tailored to a unique project. The first step is to define and outline all aspects of the project. We carefully analyze and take all of a study’s relevant factors into account when proposing a site for a potential study. A well-defined project scope can ensure an accurate feasibility study.

The current analysis: This form of analysis is used to evaluate the current method of implementation of a common and similar project/study. From this analysis, one can uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the current approach. Conducting a current analysis and identifying the pros and cons of your current project can help save time and resources.

The requirements: Our feasibility assessment fulfills all of the objectives of your project. It takes into account all of the criteria required including site’s infrastructural requirements, personnel training and experience requirement, subject recruitment capacity and regulatory requirements.

The approach: We recommend a solution or course of action to meet your requirements. We meticulously consider various alternatives and then choose a solution that is the most preferable. Our approach is sure to meet all of our client’s requirement.

Evaluation: This element examines the cost effectiveness of the selected approach and the estimated total cost of the project. Other alternatives will also be estimated for comparison purposes. After the total cost of the project has been calculated, an evaluation and cost summary will be sent to the client.

Review: Ultimately, all the above elements will be put together into a feasibility study and a formal review will be conducted. The review will be used to make a project decision.

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