Clinique Research Development

site selection

Site Selection for a clinical trial is an extensive process, it is equivalent to a site’s formal interview for study participation. When high-quality sites are selected, clinical trials have a good chance of finishing on time, on budget, and with clinically sound findings.

Step 1: Define Site Requirements and Selection Criteria.

At Clinique Research, we select fitting sites for a study by identifying key site criteria like participant population profile, staffing and facilities, enrolment targets and period, study duration, amongst others, as this data provides the fundamentals that will guide a proper site selection.

Step 2: Identify Sites and Gather Initial Information.

We have an up-to-date database of specific sites for specific therapeutic areas with diverse information of their site, size, location, speciality and detailed datasets about experience and performance which provides insight on the site’s affinity for the study.

Step 3: Evaluate and Select the Sites.

We conduct Pre-study visits (PSVs) to brief the Principal Investigator on the proposed study and communicate the sponsor expectations. An assessment of the site’s equipment and facility is carried out to ascertain if the site meets the study requirements.

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