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Who We Are

Clinique Research Development Limited is a fully integrated research organization committed to providing a complete range of industry-standard clinical research and trial services, within Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

What We do

Feasibility assessment

A good number of trials suffer due to inefficient site and investigator selection. Clinique Research facilitates feasibility assessments by utilising innovative tools, international strategic teams, and an information network to perform them Read more...

site selection

Site selection for a clinical trial is an extensive process, it is equivalent to a site's formal interview for study participation. When high-quality sites are selected, clinical trials have a good chance of finishing on time, on budget, and with clinically sound findings Read more...

Regulatory services

Regulatory approval processes differ across countries and product segments. Africa, being a uniques space, requires the expertise of an organisation that is knowledgeable of the terrain and conversant with the regulatory processes Read more...

Clinical monitoring and reporting

Our team of experienced CRAs, Clinical Trial Specialists, and project managers work to ensure that all aspects of the clinical study are managed efficiently and effectively. We also ensure that the rights and welfare of all study participants are not compromised Read more...

Data Management

Data management is the practise of collecting, storing, maintaining, and using data securely and efficiently. Data management is the backbone that connects all segments of the information lifecycle. The goal of data management is to help people and organisations optimise the use of data within the Read more...

Site management

Clinique Research assists sites in the negotiation of Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs), budgets, and ethics committee application for selected sites. We provide capacity building in the area of site preparedness through refresher courses and sponsor-specific training. Read more...

Subject Recruitment

We understand the need for the availability of subjects for clinical trials and liaise with our sites constantly to maximise subject enrolment using a defined database and community engagement. Read more...


Pharmacovigilance, also known as drug safety, is the pharmacological science relating to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects from pharmaceutical products. Read more...

Our Events

The Nigeria Health Summit is a strategic forum for bringing together stakeholders in the health service sector, including the Ministry of Health and its agencies, policymakers, healthcare organizations, medical personnel, investors, and all those interested in developing innovative solutions to the health sector’s crisis.

TCIS Africa is a converging point for clinical researchers, medical professionals, CROs, pharmas, regulatory agencies and academia to network, exchange achievements, milestones, and challenges, as well as establish strategic direction for clinical trial management in Africa.

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